1. Do I know who donates?
Yes, all gifts are listed through your fundraising dashboard. Keep track of who donated so that you can send them personalized thank-you messages.

2. Will I see how much I raise?
Yes, donation information and how much you have raised to your goal is tracked in your fundraising dashboard and on your campaign page.

3. Do I have to raise a certain amount?
No, there are no fundraising minimums you must meet. Set a goal that is best for you and you can always update it whenever you want.

4. I am starting a memorial page, will my donation total show on the page?
No, on memorial and tribute pages the thermometer and total raised will not show. Only you will be able to see this information from your participant center. Individual donations and comments will show on the page for everyone to see.

5. How do I change the information that appears on my campaign page?
You can update your campaign page as much as you would like. Log into your campaign page to make any changes to your page.

6. Can I make a special URL?
A unique URL will be created when you set up your fundraising campaign but you will be able to customize and change the link to make the URL more personalized. Please note, all fundraising pages will still have our master domain name of http://fundraise.nationalparks.org/

7. I forgot my login information.
From the main login box, please click on Forgot Password to generate a reset email sent to the email address on file. You are also able to update your password in the Settings section of your dashboard.

8. Additional Help.
For more information on setting up and managing a fundraising page, and for managing donations, you can visit our support page. We have articles to help for donors, team pages, and fundraising pages. If you have any other questions, please email us and we will be happy to help.