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Everyone has an estate, but not everyone has a plan for how it will be distributed after their lifetime. Whether your estate is worth $100 or $100 million, having a will is the best way to ensure your intentions are clear and carried out according to your wishes. 

Not sure where to start? Many of our donors have found our free Will Planning Guide to be a helpful resource as they begin putting their plans together.   

This free preparation workbook does not create a will or legal document. Rather, it helps you collect your thoughts and information all in one place before meeting with an attorney. 

Whether or not you have already started planning for the future, this guide is organized to walk you through the information you will need when creating or changing your will. Please consult with your attorney about the appropriateness of this information for your personal situation.

If you have any questions or are interested in including a gift to the National Park Foundation in your plans, our team of gift planning specialists would be happy to have a confidential conversation with you. Please contact the Office of Planned Giving (202) 796-3138 or PlannedGiving@nationalparks.org today to get started. 

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